Absolute lowest and highest short codes - last found by date

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Short codeCountryValueDate / Link Short codeCountryValueDate / Link
(2002) D001A3 L2011-03-14 (2002) D002E1 L2023-08-28 *
(2002) E001A1 U2008-10-08 (2002) E010J6 E2014-04-18
(Europa) E001A2 E2016-02-04 (Europa) E019F3 E2023-11-29 **
(2002) F001A2 N2009-02-02 (2002) F020I5 N2015-07-31
(Europa) F001A1 F2023-11-13 ** (Europa) F006D4 F2023-06-03 *
(2002) G001B1 N2009-10-05 (2002) G044H5 X2019-11-17
(2002) H001E1 L2010-11-23 (2002) H016H1 P2010-09-16
(2002) J001A1 S2008-11-10 (2002) J102H5 S2022-02-13
(2002) K001A2 T2012-05-14 (2002) K007I6 T2016-08-11
(2002) L004F3 U2014-04-27 (2002) L088I6 U2015-09-28
(2002) M001B2 V2009-07-24 (2002) M058H1 V2017-08-14
(Europa) M001A2 M2019-12-06 (Europa) M010I5 M2023-11-25 **
(2002) N001A3 Y2008-07-07 (2002) N037I1 Y2015-11-18
(Europa) N001A6 N2019-10-20 (Europa) N024J6 N2023-10-31 **
(2002) P001A2 X2008-06-19 (2002) P031G3 X2014-02-02
(Europa) P001A2 P2020-10-12 (Europa) P009H4 P2020-12-31
(2002) R001A1 X2020-01-11 (2002) R059F3 X2018-12-05
(Europa) R001A1 R2023-11-03 ** (Europa) R039A5 R2023-07-27 *
(Europa) S001A1 S2018-02-20 (Europa) S051B5 S2023-12-30 ***
(2002) T001A2 Z2013-11-29 (2002) T039G2 Z2020-12-01
(Europa) T001A1 T2021-10-24 (Europa) T005J6 T2022-12-15
(2002) U002A1 M2015-07-03 (2002) U025C3 M2016-07-24
(Europa) U001A2 U2020-10-13 (Europa) U048D1 U2023-10-15 **
(Europa) V001A2 V2018-07-29 (Europa) V031D4 V2023-12-11 **
(Europa) W001A1 W2023-10-31 ** (Europa) W014H2 W2023-01-05 *
(Europa) X001A1 X2019-03-26 (Europa) X003I6 X2018-03-10
(Europa) Y001A1 Y2018-10-31 (Europa) Y013F1 Y2023-10-17 **
(Europa) Z001A2 Z2019-10-28 (Europa) Z022E2 Z2021-11-04

Lowest and highest short codes per value

5 (2002)

Short codeCountryDate / LinkShort codeCountryDate / Link
E001B3 L2009-03-26 E010J6 E2014-04-18
F001B4 N2012-10-20 F005J4 N2010-01-08
G007H5 P2012-06-19 G007H5 P2012-06-19
J001A5 S2010-02-06 J005I2 S2010-10-19
K002A5 T2008-07-13 K003J6 T2014-01-28
L005C4 U2008-06-28 L032G1 U2013-01-12
M004C5 V2008-11-06 M016J5 V2013-03-18
P001A2 X2008-06-19 P018J1 X2012-06-15
R001A1 X2008-04-21 R006J6 X2010-10-01
T001C5 Z2009-01-13 T001H5 Z2010-10-18
U002A3 M2010-07-18 U008J3 M2013-04-21

5 (Europa)

Short codeCountryDate / LinkShort codeCountryDate / Link
E001A6 E2023-02-15 * E001J6 E2022-11-15
M001I6 M2017-05-08 M010I5 M2023-11-25 **
N004A3 N2014-08-16 N024J6 N2023-10-31 **
S001A1 S2018-02-20 S006J6 S2023-07-17 *
T001A1 T2021-10-24 T005J6 T2022-12-15
U002A1 U2022-02-17 U009I1 U2023-08-21 *
V001A2 V2014-07-20 V016E5 V2023-07-23 *
W001A1 W2023-10-31 ** W002J6 W2021-10-01
Y001A1 Y2018-10-31 Y007I5 Y2020-02-13
Z003A2 Z2019-12-28 Z021I2 Z2023-12-25 ***

10 (2002)

Short codeCountryDate / LinkShort codeCountryDate / Link
D001D2 L2009-12-29 D001D2 L2009-12-29
E002A1 X2014-09-02 E009J6 X2013-11-12
F002A3 N2009-05-23 F020I5 N2015-07-31
G001I1 P2008-07-31 G017I6 X2014-07-15
J001A2 S2008-04-15 J009I6 S2012-02-21
K002A6 T2008-06-28 K007I6 T2016-08-11
L009F2 U2010-10-11 L053I5 U2014-09-21
M001C5 V2011-10-27 M001C5 V2011-10-27
N001B5 Y2010-08-14 N037I1 Y2015-11-18
P001B3 X2008-08-11 P019I6 X2012-09-14
R001A6 X2010-04-09 R026E6 X2010-01-18
T001A3 Z2011-11-11 T001F1 Z2011-12-14
U003A1 M2015-02-11 U008F6 M2014-03-19

10 (Europa)

Short codeCountryDate / LinkShort codeCountryDate / Link
E001A2 E2016-02-04 E008I6 E2019-09-30
F001A1 F2022-10-05 F006D4 F2023-06-03 *
N002A1 N2018-02-08 N019B3 N2023-08-22 *
P001A2 P2020-03-18 P006I3 P2019-09-12
R001A1 R2023-11-03 ** R006I3 R2023-11-26 **
S002A1 S2018-05-12 S004I6 S2022-03-29
T001A1 T2019-02-23 T004I5 T2022-06-04
U001A2 U2020-10-13 U013H1 U2021-03-26
V001A2 V2018-07-29 V011D3 V2023-04-24 *
W001A3 W2020-11-26 W011H4 W2022-09-06
X001A1 X2018-12-04 X003I6 X2018-03-10
Y001A2 Y2015-08-26 Y013F1 Y2023-10-17 **

20 (2002)

Short codeCountryDate / LinkShort codeCountryDate / Link
D001A5 L2008-05-17 D001F1 L2008-05-31
E001H1 U2009-06-29 E010I6 X2015-09-19
F001B5 N2011-09-05 F003H5 N2015-01-07
G001C1 P2012-02-21 G015I6 E2016-01-17
H004A3 M2009-07-18 H006A4 L2010-09-22
J001A4 S2011-01-12 J036I5 S2017-06-29
K001A2 T2012-05-14 K004I3 T2012-09-25
L005C2 U2011-09-24 L088I6 U2015-09-28
M001G1 V2009-06-11 M025H3 V2011-08-09
N001C1 Y2010-09-10 N007I4 Y2016-09-20
P001C5 X2008-03-28 P019I4 X2015-09-03
R001A1 X2011-10-29 R032D4 P2014-08-28
T001E4 Z2010-11-21 T002G1 Z2009-06-29
U002A1 M2015-07-03 U025C3 M2016-07-24

20 (Europa)

Short codeCountryDate / LinkShort codeCountryDate / Link
E001A3 E2022-03-07 E014H3 E2023-12-09 **
F001A1 F2023-11-13 ** F003G5 F2023-01-31 *
M001D2 M2021-11-13 M006I3 M2023-08-12 *
N001A6 N2019-10-20 N009A3 N2023-10-08 **
R001E2 R2018-09-16 R026D5 R2023-12-26 ***
S001A2 S2020-05-28 S027B1 S2023-12-28 ***
T002I1 T2021-04-22 T005F5 T2022-11-30
U001C2 U2019-07-06 U046E4 U2023-10-25 **
V001D5 V2018-05-08 V006H5 V2021-09-22
W001A2 W2022-09-19 W002I4 W2016-12-16
X001A1 X2019-03-26 X003I5 X2020-05-20
Z001A2 Z2019-10-28 Z020H5 Z2021-08-15

50 (2002)

Short codeCountryDate / LinkShort codeCountryDate / Link
D001C2 L2017-08-06 D001E3 L2010-02-08
E001A2 X2016-10-30 E005G2 X2016-11-08
F001A2 N2009-02-02 F008H5 S2012-01-17
G001D3 P2012-04-26 G044H5 X2019-11-17
H003A1 M2008-09-14 H016H1 P2010-09-16
J001A4 S2011-07-06 J102H5 S2022-02-13
L004F3 U2014-04-27 L010D2 U2008-04-18
M001B2 V2009-07-24 M058H1 V2017-08-14
N001A3 Y2008-07-07 N001C2 Y2008-09-18
P001A3 V2011-02-17 P031G3 X2014-02-02
R001F4 X2019-07-12 R059F3 X2018-12-05
T001A2 Z2013-11-29 T039G2 Z2020-12-01

50 (Europa)

Short codeCountryDate / LinkShort codeCountryDate / Link
E001E4 E2022-04-15 E019F3 E2023-11-29 **
M001A2 M2019-12-06 M008F2 M2022-09-24
P001A2 P2020-10-12 P009H4 P2020-12-31
R002B2 R2023-05-23 * R039A5 R2023-07-27 *
S002A1 S2021-07-24 S051B5 S2023-12-30 ***
U001A2 U2019-10-29 U048D1 U2023-10-15 **
V001B4 V2022-08-24 V031D4 V2023-12-11 **
W001A2 W2020-10-12 W014H2 W2023-01-05 *
Y001E1 Y2023-06-03 * Y003F4 Y2023-09-27 *
Z002B3 Z2021-04-26 Z022E2 Z2021-11-04

100 (2002)

Short codeCountryDate / LinkShort codeCountryDate / Link
D001A3 L2011-03-14 D002E1 L2023-08-28 *
E001A1 U2008-10-08 E004F5 X2021-09-18
F001B5 N2015-08-25 F010F2 N2023-01-06 *
G002A2 P2011-11-04 G009F3 P2009-10-19
H001E1 L2010-11-23 H001G5 L2011-09-02
J001A1 S2008-11-10 J034H5 S2012-06-23
K001B5 T2009-02-18 K001B5 T2009-02-18
M001F1 V2017-01-07 M007F3 V2019-08-10
P001B1 X2010-10-26 P010E4 X2013-06-30
R001A1 X2020-01-11 R011F1 X2017-05-17
T001E4 Z2013-01-28 T001F5 Z2012-10-01

100 (Europa)

Short codeCountryDate / LinkShort codeCountryDate / Link
E005E5 E2020-11-16 E016D4 E2023-02-25 *
N004D2 N2023-02-07 * N004D2 N2023-02-07 *
R001C3 R2023-10-08 ** R011F5 R2023-02-25 *
S002A3 S2020-11-16 S009C1 S2020-02-23
U002G5 U2023-02-07 * U004H1 U2022-02-13
V002G3 V2021-08-31 V003H1 V2022-12-09

200 (2002)

Short codeCountryDate / LinkShort codeCountryDate / Link
E001D2 X2016-08-24 E002H2 X2017-12-16
G001B1 N2009-10-05 G001F2 N2009-01-27
J001A3 S2009-05-14 J001H3 S2012-10-01
R001A1 X2012-05-07 R006G4 X2010-03-23
T001A5 V2008-10-08 T001E3 Z2009-10-18

200 (Europa)

Short codeCountryDate / LinkShort codeCountryDate / Link
S005G1 S2021-01-29 S005G1 S2021-01-29

500 (2002)

Short codeCountryDate / LinkShort codeCountryDate / Link
D001D2 L2009-09-28 D001D2 L2009-09-28
F001D4 P2011-10-26 F005D4 N2014-07-08
R001B1 X2015-01-22 R019C2 X2011-11-17
T001B3 Z2010-06-03 T001B5 U2015-01-22

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